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Available as whole or powdered. Intensely deep aroma and flavor.


Finest and Best Quality Cinnamon in the World. Available as Quills, Powdered and in Oil form.


Strong Unique taste and Aromatic fragrance. Available in Pods and Powder form.


We offer high quality Turmeric sourced from Farms in Sri Lanka. High content of Curcumin. Available as Whole Turmeric or Powdered.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper grown in Sri Lanka comes with a high Piperine content. Available as whole Black Pepper as well as powdered Black Pepper.

White Pepper

Available as whole or powdered.


Available with shell, without shell or powdered.


It is also obtained from the nutmeg tree – a net like crimson colored leathery outgrowth covering the shell of the nutmeg seed. Available as whole Mace.

Ginger Slices and Powder

Since ancient times, Ginger has been used as a medicine as well as flavoring for Asian, Indian and Arabic cuisines. Available as dried slices as well as powder.

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